Mary WagnerCo-chair of Education

    A St Louis Missouri native, Mary recently moved to Colorado Springs in March 2017. In 2015, she received her bachelors degree in Communications and Advertising, Public Relations and Corporate Communication. As an AAF member for 3+ years, she has been involved in the STL community through several events and also participated in the 2016 NSAC competition with her university team. She and her team won Gold in the 2017 ADDY awards in St. Louis. Before the big move to the mountains, Mary worked as a freelance writer and website coordinator for 11 cities in her hometown. Today she is proud to serve as the newest board member for AAF Colorado Springs. She is looking forward to learning more about Colorado Springs and its wonderful people. She enjoys hiking, drinking coffee, scuba diving, traveling, cuddling with her dogs, and being an Army wife.

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