Board of directors

Steve Grill

Position: Public Service Co-chair

Served on the board from: 2023

Steve is that guy at your agency who noone knows exactly what he does because he does it all. The creative studio utility infielder. Coming from a true production background and mindset Steve has worked at boutique shops of 7-8 to agencies of 170, to a global design team for a Fortune 20 company. He has experience managing creative projects and maximizing results in almost every type of media. He is a systems thinker, a creative catalyst. always having a line of sight to the big picture. He aims to connect the dots and solve for the root problem, not just the immediate symptom. Steve went to Colorado College way back in the stone age and fell in love with the Springs. He finally took the plunge and moved with his wife, 10yo daughter and 2 insane Aussies to the Springs in 2021.

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