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Kate Chambers


Kate Chambers is a designer based in Denver. She works as an in-house graphic designer for a science education nonprofit called BSCS Science Learning. She also has her own business on the side where she focuses on helping small businesses grow through branding and graphic design.

A lot of designers have an artistic background, but that is not the case with Kate. She has her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in sociology and anthropology, and after that she acquired her associates in graphic design from Pikes Peak Community College. Kate combines her knowledge of people and cultures with her design skills to create strategic designs that appeal to the right audiences and send the right visual message. Her passion lies in brand design because that is where graphic design, strategy, social science, and business come together.

When Kate isn’t working, she enjoys concerts, traveling, and yoga. She also enjoys hanging out at home with her cat, David Bowie.

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