52nd Annual
American Advertising Awards

Master Craftsmen

Webster defines craft as 1: skill in planning, making or executing 2: an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill. And even though there’s a whole lot of technology and data involved in our business these days, there’s still plenty of craft. This year, AAF-COS is celebrating that craft. This year’s theme was selected to honor the heart, soul, passion, and craft of Colorado Springs advertising; and to dovetail with all the new and exciting craft ventures happening in our community. Throughout the year, the AAF Board and Addy Committee hope to partner with craft companies in The Springs to keep our theme alive and on your mind. So if you have a fun idea, let us know.

Save the dates:
Addys Workshop, December 4
Early Bird Entry Deadline, December 7
Entry Drop-Off Party, January 4
Viewing Party, January 18
American Advertising Awards Gala, March 2

Early Bird Member entry prices:
Members Single: $70 (save $15 per entry!)
Members Campaign: $95 (save $20 per entry!)

Early Bird Non-Member entry prices:
Non-Members Single: $100 (save $10 per entry!)
Non-Members Campaign: $125 (save $15 per entry!)

Student entry prices:
Single: $25
Campaign: $50

Final arrangements for times and venues are still being planned. But in the meantime, look for our Call For Entries in the mail and get ready to show your skills in the 2018 American Advertising Awards.

Changes to American Advertising Awards Rules & Categories


1. JPEG screenshots are now accepted for Social Media categories

2. Added category 22B – Public Service, campaign

3. Added category 44B – Digital Publication, campaign

4. Added category 85B – Cinematography, campaign

5. Added category 88C – Music With/Without Lyrics, campaign

6. Added category 90B – Sound Design, campaign


1. JPEG screenshots are now accepted for Social Media categories

2. Added category S28B – Cinematography, campaign

3. Added category S29B – Music and Sound Design, campaign

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