Everest Award

Mission: to recognize and celebrate the individuals who excel in their expertise and have become vital to their industry and this community.

The Frederick R. Sindt Everest Award is awarded to someone in our larger community who has done things to really promote the Colorado Springs area. The award is named after Fred Sindt, who was instrumental in getting the World Arena built and had great involvement in the Colorado Springs community prior to his death. The Frederick R. Sindt Everest Award is meant to honor his dedication to this community and to recognize someone who has contributed to making the Pikes Peak region what it is today. The award was originated in 1998 and is the most prestigious award given by AAF Colorado Springs.

Past winners are Colorado Springs citizens including John Weiss, The Lane Family, Harry Hoth, Mary Mashburn, Robert Telmosse, William Hybl, Nancy Lewis, Terry Sullivan, Jed Jackson, Pete Susemihl and of course, Frederick Sindt.

  • Please write 100-250 words on the community involvement this nominee has given towards Colorado Springs. Include boards, organizations, volunteerism, and any other assets you believe they have given to make our community better at large.
  • Please include 100-250 words with the bio of the person you are nominating. Include work history, their impact in their industry and community, and why you believe they deserve this award.

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